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Harry Potter

My Sleepover Party is run by Nikki Bond, whose previous profession was in filming.


Nikki played one of the "Gringott Goblins" in Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows & a Caretaker in "Star Wars - The Last Jedi'.  So each guest will received a signed "Harry Potter" photograph.

You can see the characters @bondstarwars

Head over to Tik Tok to see examples of previous set-ups

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Harry Potter Teepees

HP Package includes:

  • Teepees

  • Foam mattresses and fitted cotton sheets​.

  • Luxury scatter cushions

  • Twinkle light sets (battery operated)

  • Breakfast trays

  • Cosy Soft Blankets

  • Cauldron Nightlights

  • Personalised chalkboard names

  • Mini Glass bottles for the tables

  • Signed Photograph from Gringotts Goblin for each guest.

Standard Package Price:

For 2 please see our besties page.

3 Teepees £135   4 Teepees £180    5 Teepees £220   6 Teepees £260 

Over 6 additional teepees £20

Second Night Hire @ £20 per Teepee


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