Would you like a Wizard themed Sleepover put together by one of the HP cast.

I played this Gringotts Goblin in Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Film. Each Guest will receive a signed photograph of my character shown here.

Harry Potter.JPG
Harry Potter Teepees

 Sleepover Package Includes:

  • Teepees

  • Foam mattresses and fitted cotton sheets​.

  • Luxury scatter cushions

  • Twinkle light sets (battery operated)

  • Breakfast trays

  • Cosy Soft Blankets

  • Cauldron Nightlights

  • Personalised chalkboard names

  • Mini Glass bottles for the tables

  • Signed Photograph from Gringotts Goblin for each guest.


Standard Package Price:

For 2 please see our besties page.

3 Teepees £135   4 Teepees £180    5 Teepees £220   6 Teepees £260 

Over 6 additional teepees £20

Second Night Hire @ £20 pp

Teepees and accessories are all hire items for one evening.

Sleepover Packs @ £12 per head

Personalised Cotton Party Bags containing a Flannel, Toothbrush,

Toothpaste and Soap.

For Deluxe and Spa package add £8.00 per head

for personalised bags.


Deluxe Package:

£115 for 2 Bestie Teepee

£205.00 for 4 Individual Teepees

£240 for 6 Individual Teepees

Over 6 Additional Teepees @ £25

Sleepover Pack - Toothbrush & Mini Paste, Owl Flannel

Party Bag for each child.


For boys - Deluxe includes Potion Sweet 

Box & Balloons (instead of spa bags).

HARRY POTTER Optional Extra's: 

 3 x Potion Sweets


Balloon Garlands & Number stacks


Sleepover Kits with personalised bags - £12

or for girls....

Spa To You Package: 

Individual Spa Stations for each child,

Portable Mirrors, use of fluffy robes &

headbands, fluffy hot water bottles, eye masks. 

Natural Face scrubs, masks & moisturiser

Sleepover Pack - Toothbrush & Mini Paste, Flannel. Spa Bags containing beauty items - nail varnish/ nail art.

£15 per head

For a Spa Therapist to lead the girls and provide nail manicures

from £60 - please contact us for a quote.


Free delivery within a 10 miles radius of Rochester in Kent

or a small delivery fee further afield. 

PLEASE NOTE: We will only set up downstairs.

For town houses please call us.

All Children to bring their own pillows for hygiene purposes.